The moment you feel the need to tightly manage someone, you've made a hiring mistake. The best people don't need to be managed. Guided, taught, led--yes. But not tightly managed.

Jim Collins


Success in organizations is built upon the quality performance of people! The right people in the right roles at the right time!

We provide a comprehensive set of solutions that set the stage for outstanding performance:

Organizational Snapshot

  • Systematic, objective, detailed and insightful assessment process
  • Review of people, talents, systems and processes - What's working - What's not?
  • Identification of opportunities for growth and effectiveness
  • Action plans designed to achieve your organization's objectives


Leadership Development

  • Workshops to develop strong leadership skills
  • Succession planning to ensure ongoing leadership development
  • Individual competency analysis based on organizational needs
  • Transforms managers into leaders


Fleet Management Services

  • Integrated driver recruiting and retention systems
  • Driver & Contractor Recruiter Training - skills for outstanding performance
  • Driver Manager/Dispatcher Training and Development - a system for continuous improvement
  • Customized training for all areas of a trucking organization


Strategic Planning Support

  • Facilitated planning retreats utilizing high impact planning models
  • The process focuses on vision, mission, values, and operating principles
  • Results include meaningful and achievable strategic goals that set the stage for high performance
  • Strategic goals drive the annual business plan, budget and individual performance objectives


Professional Dynametric Programs® – Tools that Impact People

  • ProScan® – individual behavioral assessment, thoroughly researched and validated
  • JobScan® – assessment of job related behaviors to create valid selection models
  • TeamScan® – measures team dynamics
  • PowerApps® – powerful training modules based on profile data



These workshops are offered to clients on a customized basis:

"Interviewing Skills Workshop for Hiring Top Performers"

"Delivering Responsive Customer Service"

"Conducting Results Focused Meetings"

"Setting SMART Goals"

"Delivering Performance Feedback"




These seminars are delivered utilizing materials published by Professional Dynametric Programs®:

"Attracting and Hiring the Best"

"Understanding Personal Strengths"

"Developing Effective Communication Skills"

"Strengthening Leadership Performance"

"Managing Results with QuickView"

"Building High Performance Teams"